I am a happy client of Maxine’s. She answered all my questions about taxes, home tax credit and my student loans. I wasn’t sure about how tax deductions work because of prior tax preparers. They never discussed their steps like Maxine does during her process. She maximizes my returns every year & I will continue coming back every year! - J. Byrd

 I recommend Maxine Edwards with high regards. Maxine is an experienced, qualified and trustworthy tax preparer. She has a positive attitude with clients, she is very professional and proficient. She works hard to get the best refund for you. She is available if a problem arises and works diligently to resolve them. - R. Cade

Maxine has been my tax preparer for many years and has always been accurate and consistent in handling my tax returns. She is a friendly and helpful professional who I look forward to working with year after year. I am sure she will do well in her own business. - B. Weston

 I have loved my experiences with my tax preparer Christine Reynolds over the years, she takes her time to explain or address any concerns. She's easy going. I've also referred her to various people who also go to her & love their experiences with her as well. I give her 5 stars. - Michelle B

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  • Who Can I Claim As A Dependent? 

A qualifying child or qualifying relative that meets specific requirements related to residence, relationship to you, age, financial support provided and income.

  • Are Unemployment Benefits Taxable Income? 

Yes, it is.

  •  What Are The Tax Implications of Withdrawing Money Early from A Retirement Account?

Withdrawing money early from a retirement account comes with a 10 percent tax penalty plus regular income tax on the amount withdrawn. If that additional retirement money bumps you into the next tax bracket, it could affect Social Security taxes and other considerations. 

  • What Should I Do If I Made A Mistake On My Federal Return That I've Already Filed? 

Many mathematical errors are caught during the processing of the tax return and corrected by the IRS. If you didn't claim the correct filing status or you need to change your income, deductions, or credits, you should file an amended or corrected return using Form 1040X.

  • What Is My Filling Status?

If you are unsure of your filing status, please use this link to take a short survey that will help you determine your status.